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My Photo Gallery

Click on thumbnails or go to bottom of page for categorized pictures

Picture of MicroscopeMy first microscope, a B&L from the 40's.  Worked great!   Picture of Closterium alga Taken with the old scope --Closterium   Picture of Pediastrum algaTaken with the old scope -- Pediastrum
Picture of Balplan scopeMy Balplan Bright Field microscope


  Picture of Closterium algaTaken with the Balplan --Closterium   Picture of VorticellaA Vorticella colony
Picture of Statoblast MULTIPUS - A Bryozoan statoblast   Picture of BryozoanShell
open, body partially extended
  Picture of Bryozoan Tentacles
extended, cilia on tentacles produce flow for feeding

Picture of Tardigrade Tardigrada -  "water bear"
(8 legs, 4 on each side,
with little claws for feet -- look carefully!)

  Picture of Tardigrade




  Picture of Hemlock Elongate ScaleA Hemlock elongate scale insect on a hemlock needle
Picture of Spirogyra algaSpirogyra, a common alga   Picture of CothurniaCothurnia on algae   Picture of cell dividingCell Division

Many more pictures taken through my microscope(s) are available via the following links

bullet Amoeba Pictures - Both unshelled and shelled types
bullet Bryozoa Pictures - Plumatella, including statoblasts
bullet Desmid Pictures
bullet Insect Pictures
bullet Miscellaneous Pictures
bullet Protist Pictures
bullet Rotifer Pictures
bullet Tick Pictures - Mostly deer ticks plus a dog tick for comparison

The numbered scale shown in most of the pictures can be used to judge the exact size but you must be familiar with the particular plant or animal to determine which objective was used to take the picture -- 250/100/25 microns per numbered division are produced by the 4/10/40 power objectives respectively. For example, the Bryozoan Plumatella produces statoblasts which are typically about 1/2 mm = 500u (500 microns); if you check the Bryozoa pictures you will see that the most commonly used objective for these pictures was the 10x yielding 100u per numbered division.

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