Amoeba Pictures

Since I am a beginner at microscopy, identifications of the various amoebae should be regarded as tentative and checked against other sources. Most people think of amoebae as shapeless blobs so the unshelled types are shown first; shelled amoebae are more common in my explorations, particularly the Arcella which is very common. The pictures are available by clicking on the descriptions, this to minimize bandwidth for those who arrive here by accident.

A classic looking amoeba

Another unshelled amoeba

Amoeba Radiosa, unshelled but much different looking

Amoeba Radiosa, another view

The following pictures are of shelled amoebae.

Arcella shell, darker so it is probably older

Amoeba, probably a young Arcella, out of its shell looking for a snack

Farther out, still hungry

Middle aged arcella

Shelled amoeba with 11 points

Another type of shell

This one looks like a vase

Out hunting

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