Desmid Pictures  

The desmids are my favorite microscopic plants due to their delicate, generally symmetrical, beauty. Pictures don't convey their elegance, it is best appreciated by direct observation at the scope.

Closterium has little crystals of gypsum near each end which move, looking like passengers peering through a viewport in a submarine.

Cosmarium has many different species. The semi-cells here are different sizes because it has recently reproduced.

Another Cosmarium

Yet another, up close

More cosmarium

Last of my cosmariums


Gonium this one has 16 cells

Micrasterias plus a diatom

Another micrasterias

Last of my micrasterias

Pediastrum 8 cell version

Another 8 cell

Pediastrum 16 cell and a passing diatom -- 25u/#div


Another 16

Pediastrum 32 cell

Staurastrum side view. Here again the semi-cells are different sizes because of a recent split.

Staurastrum end view. The other semi-cell is dimly visible behind the first.

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