Mission Oak Tall Clock

Mission Oak Tall Clock This Mission Oak style tall clock was purchased at a local flea market in June 2004, so it's our most recent acquisition.

The 8 day strike movement was made by Gilbert in Winsted, CT and dated 1904. It is slightly unusual because it has a half-deadbeat escapement (rather than the more common recoil escapement) and the strike uses a smooth countwheel with 24 hours rather than 12.

It wasn't running so I replaced two worn pivots, re-worked the escape and oiled the mechanism. The striker wasn't working so it was adjusted by bending the associated wires; it strikes properly now, after a lot of fiddling and experimenting - definitely a learning experience.

The wood was lightened a bit with steel wool and some small scrapes were stained. Two numbers were missing so new ones were made from sheet brass, then all the brass was polished and shellac applied. The case height is 6 feet. Here is a "before" picture with the hands and numbers removed; note the short pendulum stick.

The pendulum which came with it wasn't original or heavy enough so we replaced it and my son-in-law made a new oak pendulum stick of the proper length. As might be expected with a 30" pendulum, it is quite accurate.

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