A Westminster Chime Clock

Westminster chime wall clockWe gave this clock to my wife's parents in 1984 for their 50th anniversary. They have since passed away so the clock now makes its home with us.

This clock had the mainspring fail, probably from over-enthusiastic winding. S. Larose had a sale at the time where a complete defective movement of the identical type could be purchased for $35. I purchased a movement and decided that it was easier to fix that than dismantle both clocks to move the mainspring assembly. It took a while, but I found that an adjustment could be made by bending a part on the new movement which fixed the problem; somehow, the factory didn't recognize how simple it was to fix this and just sold the whole movement.... The clock has run fine ever since.

This clock strikes the hours and also has a Westminster chime which is very nice.

Like all our windup clocks, it is reasonably accurate. Most windup clocks with a pendulum length of 10 inches or more seem to keep accurate time. We have a shelf clock with a short pendulum which we never run because it isn't accurate - the pendulum length can't be adjusted in small increments due to the design.

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